Michael Crowell Returns to Tharrington Smith

We are pleased to announce that Michael Crowell has returned to the firm as a partner following nearly a decade of teaching at the UNC School of Government.

Mr. Crowell is a graduate of Harvard Law School and received his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He originally joined Tharrington Smith in 1985 and practiced for 22 years. In 2007 he left the firm to serve as professor of public law and government at the UNC School of Government, focusing on judicial authority and administration. He assisted with the orientation of new judges, organized and taught in continuing education programs, and wrote and advised on subjects such as contempt, inherent authority, recusal, access to court records, judicial ethics and social media, discipline of judicial officials, and the like.

Mr. Crowell’s involvement in government and the business of government is career long. He began work out of law school at the UNC Institute of Government (now School of Government) where, among other things, he served as a consultant to the Criminal Code Commission and legislative study commissions on ABC laws and equal employment practices. He also was Director of Legislative Drafting for the General Assembly for a session. He has served as a town attorney, was counsel to several trade associations, was a member of the General Assembly Election Laws Revision Committee, chaired the Administrative Law and Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities Sections of the North Carolina Bar Association, and served as executive director of the Commission for the Future of Justice and the Courts in North Carolina.
Mr. Crowell will focus his practice in election law, appeals, local government, and administrative law.

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