Criminal Tax Defense


Criminal Tax investigations are serious business, and at Tharrington Smith, LLP, we bring decades of experience to the task of guiding our clients through the process.

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Whether you are worried about an upcoming audit, or have been visited by criminal agents, you need an experienced criminal tax attorney to advise you about the process, and to work with you to develop a strategy that maximizes your chances of avoiding criminal prosecution.

We have successfully defended our clients in federal criminal investigations involving false tax returns, undisclosed income, tax evasion, failure to remit employment and trust fund taxes, failure to file returns, failure to disclose foreign financial accounts, and evasion of payment of taxes. We regularly appear as counsel in all three North Carolina federal districts (Eastern District, Middle District and Western District) as well as federal districts in neighboring states, and we represent taxpayers from across North Carolina in criminal audits and investigations brought by the North Carolina Department of Revenue.