Ursula Shaughnessy


While exploring downtown Raleigh, Ursula Ruiz saw the famous ducks of the Tharrington Smith fountain and thought “That looks like a great place to work!” A few days later, January 4, 1994, Ms. Ruiz began working for the FCC, Civil and Criminal sections under Attorneys Dan Clark and Hardy Lewis. When Ms. Ruiz was nine-months pregnant with her first daughter, Mr. Clark actually insisted on driving her to the doctor. Ms. Ruiz later transferred to the Education Law practice group and became legal assistant to Ann Majestic. After the birth of twins, Ms. Ruiz continued to work with Tharrington Smith part-time, then on a more regular schedule returning to full time engagement with the Family Law group.

“For me, Tharrington Smith is like family,” says Ms. Ruiz. “The people here care about one another and do their best to accommodate each other’s needs. We definitely work hard but that hard work is valued and appreciated both on a personal level and with the many recognitions and celebrations throughout the year.”

Ms. Ruiz attended the University of North Carolina – School of the Arts in Drama and graduated from Appalachian State University cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

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