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Artwork by Wade M. Smith Exhibited in Downtown Raleigh through March 2010

Landscape Paintings by Wade Smith

The North Carolina State Bar Building, 208 Fayetteville Street, February –March, 2010

The art of well known North Carolina attorney, musician, storyteller and artist Wade Smith will be on display the North Carolina State Bar Building in downtown Raleigh this February through March, 2010. The exhibition space allows visitors to view the artwork day and night, seven days a week.

The North Carolina State Bar, in partnership with The Mahler fine art gallery, quarterly features work by North Carolina artists. The Mahler curates work from artists across the state for this space.

The Red-Eyed Rabbit: A Retrospective of Work by Wade Smith

The Mahler Fine Art
443 Fayetteville Street
February 9—28, 2010

Artwork by North Carolina attorney and artist Wade Smith will be shown at The Mahler fine art gallery in downtown Raleigh this February. The Mahler is a dynamic new fine art gallery located in the historic and newly renovated Mahler Building on Fayetteville Street. It is dedicated to significant art of our time, committed to offering the best in regional and national fine art by emerging and established artists.

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