Eva DuBuisson Interviewed by EdTalk PodCast on the Role of the Law in Public Education

On September 18, Education Law Attorney Eva DuBuisson was interviewed by EdTalk, a PodCast product created by Education North Carolina. EdTalk describes the interview as:

When people think about public education, they rarely consider the team of legal experts standing behind every school board, district, education leader, and elected official. But it takes legal acumen to keep the public school system running smoothly. This week, Host Alex Granados talks with Eva DuBuisson, an education law attorney with Tharrington Smith LLP, about the role the law plays in public education.

Listen to Eva’s interview here above the title, or you can subscribe to the podcast through iTunes and listen to the interview on EdNC.org here: https://www.ednc.org/edtalk/2017/09/18/law-and-education/.