Lynn Burleson Contributes to Family Law Magazine's Coverage of Arbitration

The Winter/Spring 2016 edition of Family Law Magazine includes a discussion on the benefits of arbitration by three fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers entitled “The Arbitration Advantage”. Lynn Burleson of Tharrington Smith (Raleigh, NC), Dale Console (New Jersey), and William Levine (Massachusetts) were interviewed for the article, which was generated from longer podcasts recorded for the article.

The article and accompanying podcasts provide expert opinion on matters such as when to advise a client to arbitrate rather than litigate, privacy for high-stake matters, the suitability for arbitration in complex matters, the relationship between arbitration and mediation, and binding and nonbinding arbitration.

Divorce Marketing Group, publisher of Family Law Magazine, Divorce Magazine, and six divorce related websites, is celebrating 20 years of service to family law practitioners this year. Divorce Marketing Group’s family of web products has a distribution and readership of 3,000,000 people annually. The digital copy of the Winter Spring issue of the magazine is available online here (http://www.familylawyermagazine.com/pdf/2016flmws.pdf). The arbitration article is found at page 34. The associated podcasts can be found on the the Family Lawyer Magazine website here: