News & Observer reports Howard Cummings' Retirement

On his retirement from public service in November, the Raleigh News & Observer honored Howard Cummings’s career at the Wake District Attorney’s Office. The News & Observer noted:

Cummings retired Friday as Wake’s chief assistant district attorney, having handled thousands of cases from drunken driving to capital murder. He showed the same compassion in his last case as he did among his first.

As soon as a teen from Cary pleaded guilty to strangling his mother, driven by what Cummings described as “bottled-up” aggression, the prosecutor stepped to console the boy’s father, who sat grieving in the audience. It was a trademark move for a man who has seen the worst society can dish out. “I want them to know, when they walk away from here, that someone is still thinking of them,” Cummings said.

Read the full article at the Raleigh News & Observer website here: https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/article222431380.html