Professional Education

Douglas Kingsbery Attends Conference of the National Institute of on Criminal Tax Fraud

As a part of the firm’s continuing commitment to remaining on the forefront of issues relevant to defending criminal tax cases, Douglas Kingsbery attended the 27th annual conference of the National Institute of Criminal Tax Fraud in San Francisco, California.

The conference is regularly attended by leading criminal tax practitioners and other professionals from around the country. The sessions attract judges, academics, defense attorneys, federal, state and local prosecutors, other law enforcement officials, corporate in-house counsel, and accountants. It provides a crucial opportunity to remain current on the law and exchange ideas in handling criminal tax matters.

This year’s conference focused on Department of Justice and IRS policies and procedures concerning criminal tax matters, voluntary disclosures, the use of foreign evidence at trial, civil penalties relevant a criminal tax investigation, and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Mr. Kingsbery looks forward to attending the conference again next year.