Tharrington Smith Contributes to Judicial Education Endowment Fund

Tharrington Smith donates $10,000 to UNC judicial education

The Tharrington Smith law firm in Raleigh has donated $10,000 to the School of Government at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The gift will be added to the school’s Judicial Education Endowment Fund, which supports professional education to improve North Carolina’s judicial processes.

Through the school’s Institute of Government, nonpartisan continuing education is provided for judges, magistrates, clerks of court, district attorneys, public defenders and other court officials. The highly regarded program received national recognition in 1998 when it received the American Bar Association’s prestigious Judicial Education Award.

“The firm’s support of this fund is based on our belief that the Institute’s training programs for North Carolina court officials benefit every citizen of the state by improving the knowledge and professionalism of those who serve in our judicial system,” said Michael Crowell, a partner in the firm.

“The courts deal with complex issues and the faculty of the Institute serves an important function by providing court officials with education, advice and research that helps them do their jobs better,” Crowell said.

The Tharrington Smith law firm, based in downtown Raleigh, has a statewide practice and national reputation. Established in 1964, the firm has 28 lawyers whose primary areas of practice include criminal defense, education law, family law, civil litigation, local government law, business organization and appeals.

The School of Government works to improve the lives of North Carolinians by engaging in practical scholarship that helps improve state and local government. The school’s teaching, advising and research services are provided to state and local government officials, judicial officials, members of the media, civic leaders, graduate students, and others through its two main components, the Institute of Government and the Master of Public Administration Program. The school also sponsors centers of significant importance to North Carolina government and citizens that are focused on information technology management, environmental finance and civic education for youth.

For additional information, contact:
Ann Simpson, Associate Dean of Development; (919) 966-9780; simpson@iogmail.iog.unc.edu

Reproduced by permission of the School of Government, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.