Tharrington Smith Introduces Family Law Child Support Calculator

Tharrington Smith’s Family Law attorneys understand the extraordinary personal crisis that divorce brings to spouses, children and extended family members. By working closely with each client, our experienced attorneys apply their broad knowledge and expertise to each case with the utmost sensitivity. As we guide clients through the process, we do not simply ask our clients to trust us. We work to educate them on the process, the implications of the law, and empower them to develop perspective and understand their situation better.

Of course, the financial implications of divorce can be complicated, especially when it involves child support. To help with this facet of the process, Tharrington Smith attorneys worked with software developers to build an easy-to-use Child Support Calculator that can be used to provide an estimation of payments based on the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. It is important, however, to recognize that although the calculator accurately reflects the parameters of the NC Child Support Guidelines, if you are involved in a child support proceeding in North Carolina, we strongly recommend that you consult with a family lawyer to determine an appropriate child support obligation for your particular circumstances.