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The women and men of Tharrington Smith stand tall in our support for ending racial injustice in America. The time is now. We must eradicate racism root and branch. Our firm’s history is aligned with this critical cause but history is not enough. Words are not enough. It is a time for each of us to search our hearts, know what is right, persuade others in our life to see the light, and take unequivocal action to stand against racism. The spirit of justice must sweep our nation–one heart at a time, one mind at a time, one voice at a time, one action at a time, until the wave of justice moves in gigantic fashion to bring about prompt and lasting change for Black Americans. The World presents very few tipping points to make things right. Let us embrace this moment so that Black Americans, their children, and their children’s children will not live in fear anymore and will live in a nation where justice truly is for all, not just for the privileged.

Raleigh Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Family Law, and Education Attorneys

We believe in alternate solutions, in applying them creatively and creating lasting resolution to our clients’ disputes. We are experienced trial lawyers.

Tharrington Smith has been a partner to public education for more than 30 years. We provide full service legal support to school boards statewide.

Our well-known strength is criminal law. Our criminal defense lawyers offer more than 200 years combined experience to state and federal defendants.

Our professional neutrals include three former judges and two vastly experienced litigators. We help lawyers create lasting resolutions for their clients.

Family law is a passion of ours at Tharrington Smith. We represent clients through all phases of the matrimonial process.

We bring skill and experience to the defense of criminal tax matters throughout the state, at both the state and federal level.

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Individual Talent. Collective Energy.

The attorneys at Tharrington Smith pride themselves on providing the highest quality professional legal services available. The motto “we don’t deal with cases, we deal with people” is the foundation of our practice. We have been building successful relationships in the State since 1964. Because of this, we have grown into a practice that reaches across the state, and have earned a reputation that spreads across the nation. Focusing on the core proficiencies of family law, education law, criminal defense, and civil litigation, the firm’s legal services include matters relating to criminal tax investigations and defense, construction disputes, election protests, intellectual property issues, personal injury, employment discrimination, and mediator services. Tharrington Smith has helped countless individuals, companies and governmental boards find lasting resolutions to their legal issues in North Carolina for 50 years.

Our Raleigh-based lawyers provide what we consider to be the most critical legal services affecting the quality of life in our state. Our practice is focused on supporting and protecting families, individuals, business, and education in North Carolina.

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We deal with people, not cases.