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Tharrington Smith can provide the legal guidance that you need. If you have been served with a Federal Grand Jury Subpoena, an IRS administrative summons for documents, or if you have been visited by the Special Agents of the IRS-CI or NCDOR-CI, we can provide the legal guidance that you need. The IRS may encourage you to make a voluntary disclosure. However, we encourage you to seek the advice of a North Carolina criminal tax lawyer before making any statements to the IRS.

We are experienced federal and state criminal tax fraud defense attorneys and have defended countless criminal tax evasion cases. Criminal tax defense has been a unique focus of the firm’s criminal defense practice for more than twenty years.

We work with forensic accountants, former IRS and Department of Revenue agents, and other professionals to develop your best defense to a criminal tax charge. Whether you are the subject of a criminal tax investigation or are concerned that you might be in the future, you should consult with an experienced North Carolina criminal attorney immediately.

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Thirty years experience in defending citizens in state and federal tax fraud and tax evasion.

Our Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys

Tharrington Smith has a number of lawyers who have appeared in all levels of court, in North Carolina and elsewhere. They are comfortable in the courtroom but also know when to seek an alternate solution.

Federal Tax Matters

The lawyers at Tharrington Smith, LLP, have represented taxpayers and businesses around the country in many IRS criminal investigations. The statutes, rules and procedures governing IRS criminal investigations are the same in all federal jurisdictions. Our attorneys are either already admitted or can be admitted to represent defendants in any of the U.S. District Courts in all 50 states.

State Tax Matters

In North Carolina Department of Revenue cases, all criminal tax prosecutions—no matter the city, town or county in which they originated—are brought in Raleigh. Since our offices are here in Raleigh, we have helped taxpayers all over the State of North Carolina solve State criminal tax problems.

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