Tharrington Smith Education Attorney Carolyn Waller featured at NC Principals Fellows Program Enrichment Seminar

The Principal Fellows Program, which is offered at eleven campuses of the University of North Carolina, provides one year of full-time academic study and a one year full-time internship in a North Carolina public school for individuals with teaching or relevant experience who aim to enter school administration in North Carolina public schools. Fellows also participate in enrichment experiences designed to enhance their preparation for a career as a principal or assistant principal. As a part of the program, Fellows attend various training seminars during their tenure. Tharrington Smith’s own Education and Special Education attorney Carolyn Waller presented at the April 9 Principal Fellows Spring 2013 Enrichment Seminar. She will also be presenting at the April 16th event. As a part of the enrichment event agenda, Waller will work with both first year Fellows, as well as graduating Fellows during a two-day engagement. Leveraging her expertise and experience in the supporting the legal needs of school districts across the state of North Carolina, Waller focused this training on some important recent developments and key topics for school administrators: Discipline for Student Cyber-Speech, Cyber-Bullying, Sexting, Search and Seizure of Electronic Devices, and Maintaining Confidentiality of Student Records.

The Principal Fellows Program was created in 1993 by the North Carolina General Assembly. Over 1200 Principal Fellows have completed the Program. For more information on the various range of services Tharrington Smith’s Education and Special Education attorneys offer, visit the Education Law Section. For more information about the NC Principals Fellows Program, visit their website at www.ncpfp.org.