Tharrington Smith Attorneys Present at Annual Family Law CLE Event

Attending Continuing Legal Education classes is not simply a requirement of maintaining an active law license in North Carolina, it ensures that the practice of law remains informed and evolving as the laws and dynamics of society change. Every state bar requires that attorneys practicing law in that state take a certain number of hours of continuing legal education generally addressing topics such as ethics, diversity training, professional responsibility or other germane topics. In North Carolina, each attorney is required to attend 12 hours of classes or coursework to maintain their license.

It’s important to remember that learning can be fun, too! A great example of this is a recent CLE seminar planned in part by Tharrington Smith Family Law attorney Lynn Burleson held on May 4th and 5th in Charleston, SC.

“The Family Law Section attorneys are an unusually collegial group,” said Burleson. “These meetings provide a great opportunity to network and exchange information and ideas in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.”

Concurrent with the NC Bar Assocation’s Family Law Section’s annual meeting, this most recent CLE event addressed the international nature of family law, immigration, criminal law, as well as covered implications to current law by recent appellate court decisions.

Suzanne Buckley, Tharrington Smith family law attorney, co-presented the Case Law Updates on Saturday morning of the conference. “Speaking at the annual meeting was a wonderful experience.  Keeping up with new developments in the law can be a cumbersome task for us as busy practitioners.  The annual meeting provides a great opportunity for us to get up to speed on new case law and to discuss how these changes impact the way we practice.”

Future continuing legal education events are planned and coordinated through each state’s Bar Association. For more information about CLE in North Carolina, visit the NCBA’s CLE website here.